Friday, 26 March 2010

Nuestras instrucciones

Salieron cosas muy simpáticas del ejercicio que hicimos imitando las "Instrucciones para subir una escalera" de Cortázar. Aquí tenemos algunas de ellas:

- Instrucciones para abrir una puerta, de Rocío Díaz.

- Instrucciones para inflar un globo, de Carmen Torres.

-Instrucciones para desenredarse el cabello, de Carmela Díaz.

- Instrucciones para cepillarse los dientes, de Antoñita Bulnes.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Dizzying Spirals!

In art class, we're about to begin a lesson on spirals. According to mathematician Fibonacci, spirals are the most perfect sequence in nature and can be defined as a figure whose curves start from a central point.

There are lots of examples of spirals in the world around us. Take a look below. Do you recognize any of these things? What are they, and where do you find them? Can you think of other examples?