Sunday, 18 March 2012

English workout

Nothing better than singing along our favourite songs. Let's start with José Ramón's suggestion, a really beautiful song, isn't it?


Victoria García said...

I love this song, because it makes me think about those summer afternoons watching "Malcolm in the Middle" with my cousins. It's great!

Carmen Torres said...

This song was one of my favourite ones few years ago. I think it describes very carefully and well how we feel sometimes in our lives: the lyrics explain perfectly well that, and also the rock music inspires the environment of shouting it to the world, to be free of those words which were making you a prisioner of yourself.
Each person is a whole world, and even when you think you know everything about a person, they deeply hide more than you even could imagine.
In my opinion, a true friendship and trust on other person comes when you are not shy to open the door of this hidden you to the other.

Rocio :) said...

I think it's really beautiful too because the message that transmit it make people to feel good, when people feel lonely or are boring can listening to this song and be happy and funny. When I listening to this song I feel liberated, I like it so much.

Mª Jesús said...

This song is really good. When I listening to it, I feel like the letter, out of place. Also I feel happy, energetic, because the music is very lively.
I identify with that song. We had ever felt that way.
I don’t know that song; it’s the first time that I heard it, very good selection José Ramón!

belen rodriguez said...

This song is about how you feel when you're alone in the world.Everyone has ever felt that no one understands him/her.
I like this song because I identify with it.
When my parents don't let me go out with my friends and I and I put the music loud in my room.
When I lose a basketball match,so on.
The singer says:"NO, YOU DON´T KNOW WHAT IT´S LIKE WHEN NOTHING FEELS ALRIGHT.YOU DON´T KNOW WHAT IT´S LIKE TO BE LIKE ME".He says you don't know what is be alone and feel like him.But sometimes I feel like that.
I have learned some new words like lock,edge,stuck and stabbed.

Maria Arregui said...

It's not my type of music, but I like it, because I often listenning this song.
I like more a slow songs with feelings.

Laura said...

Good afternoon!

Well, I listen this song on the radio and I sang the song but I didn't pay attention to the lyrics. Now I love this song because I'm feel identificate with this song, because somentimes I feel that no one understands me.

Antoñita said...

In my opinion, it's a very energetic song.Because when I listened the first time in the class I felt very well. I think that it's a very beautifoul song for me and I like it very much. Jose Ramón choose a very funny song. Thanks! I think that it's a very good songfor us when we are boring or tired.

José Ramón said...

I'm proud to get my song published the first. I like it because of the way in which it describes what I often feel like when I'm sad.
Teenagers often feel out of place, because when feeling lonely, they feel icy, and until that ice is broken, it's impossible for people to try to help them.
It's also a very beautiful song, and I think it's not embarrassing to feel like this, because no one's always happy.
This song is part of my identity.f

Claudia Ruiz said...

I had never heard that song, but the first time that I listened to it was in class and I liked it a lot. I think that this song can be important to many people, because you can identify yourself with it. Anyway, maybe I'll need it in teh future, because it's a song that makes you cheerful.

josema said...

I loved this song very much. I had already heard it but I had never stopped to read the lyrics. They speak about how a person could feel, and try to transmit that everybody could feel those feelings and emotions in their life.

I like the song and, above all, its message which, saying "Welcome To My Life", wants us to know everybody is able to feel the same feelings, although, sometimes, in different ways.

J.C.Coco said...

I think that it's a good song because it has rhythm. Also the lyric is so important because many people can identify with it. I didn't know this group before but I had listened some songs of it on the radio.


Cristóbal said...

This song is really beautiful because it sounds like peace. It's so calm and there's no change of the sound during the speak. The lyrics of this song speak about the different feelings that a person could have and what they can do with them. This type of song makes me feel more calm than usually. I like it very much.

Carmela said...

In my opinion this song is a good election, everybody has had this sort of feelings at least once in their life.
It's hard to feel that way. I don't like it but it's impossible to avoid it.
I had heard this song, but I had never tried to catch the message that it tries to transmit.
It's hard but it's real.

Aixa said...

This song is nice to me because I agree with it and I feel identify with some parts of it. I already knew this song but when I'm upset I don't listen to this song because I don't really like it very much.
My five new words or expressions are:
to be stuck = estar atascado
to be kicked = ser golpeado
to be pushed around = ser empujado
to be on the edge of...+Ving = estar al borde de...+V
stab = puñalada

Maria said...

The first time I heard the song I didn't like it so much, but the second time, I liked it more. It expresses the emotions that someone can have sometimes in their life. I think that it's a true reality. Yesterday afternoon, I tried to sing it and I like it. It helps us to improved our pronunciation each time more. I really like this type of activity.

Esteban said...

In my opinion, it just fits teenagers' life perfectly, and I think so because it encourages me when I'm bored or sad because of anything. If I had to give it a mark, I'd give it a twenty out of ten, at least.

eva said...

When I heard this song for the first time. I didn't like it because I didn't understand what the lyrics tried to transmit us. The second time I heard it was yesterday at the English lesson. I think the song has deep lyrics full of emotion. It tries to help you to reflect about some topics of real life.
In mi opinion, "Welcome to my life" has been a very beautiful suggestion to start.

Jesús Díaz López said...

I think that this song is very good because I have heard to it several times. I like rock music and I like the beat and the rhythm. Simple Plan, the band who perform this song, has got very good songs like "Don't wanna think about you?" which is the soundtrack of Scooby Doo 2. I feel very well when I am listening to it because it makes me remember my past.sfurate

Ara said...

I listened to this song for the first time in summer, when a friend of mine played it in the summing-pool with her phone.
I love this song because with it I remember lot of good moments and memories about the last summer. It is special for me because it was one of the first songs in English whose I learned the lyrics.
I feel so good when I listen to it because it is really deep. Whenever I listen to it I cry because i'm a emotional person.
Also, I discovered this band, "Simple Plain" with this song, and now, it is one of my favourites American bands.
Definitely, it is one of my favourite English songs.

Raquel said...

I heard this song a thousand time but it isn't one of my favourites songs. The first time that I heard it was when I was playing a video game with my sister. Is one of those songs in which you can't stop dancing and singing, is very lively and catchy!

Ana said...

This song really inspires me. The song gives me the idea of my really life. I like so much the lyrics, it is really good. The song inspires me because it is sad but also, when I hear the song, I feel so good, I have a lot of feelings, I feel sad but also I feel crazy because the song has a really good rytmcs. I like so much this song, because it is from my favourite type of music, and this song is one of the songs that when I am listening to it, I can't put it out of my mind. I think that the singer talks about his feelings. When I am bored and sad, I like listening this type of songs, because when I was hearing this song, I put away the sadness and I feel happy.

belen rodriguez said...

The song is about how you feel when you're alone in the world.Everyone has ever felt that no one undertands them.
I like this song because I identify with it.When my parents don't let me go out with my friends and I put the music loud in my room.When I lose a basketball match,so on..
The singer says:"No,you don't know what it's like when nothing feels allright.You don't know what it's like to be like me".He says you don't know what it is to be alone and feel like him.But sometimes I feel taht way.I have learned some new words such as lock,edge,stuck and stabbed.