Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Making your ear

Click here and listen to the British Council elementary podcasts, episode 14. Using the questions below as guidelines, retell what's happening in your own words.

Where is Carolina from? where does she study?
What's happening? Where are Carolina and Emily?
What's the weather like?
What's the bad point about Cameron?


Carmen Torres said...

Carolina is from Venezuela.
She studies at New Castle University,in the North-East of England.
She is with her friend Emily at the seaside, having a walk and talking together about a boy called Cameron who loves Emily (and Emily is quite interested in him too). He has sent her a friend request on facebook and he has also asked a friend for her telephone number. The bad point about Cameron is his laugh, it's awful!
The weather at the seaside is cold and clears your head and also,being there is relaxing for them. I think it's also a bit windy because we can hear the waves crashing on the shore.

Raquel said...

Where is Carolina from? where does she study? She is from Venezuela and she is studing in a University, in the North-east of England.
What's happening? Where are Carolina and Emily? They are walking at the coast. They are talking about Cameron, one friend. Suddenly , the boyfriend of Carolina calls at she to ask for the phone number of Emily for Cameron.
What's the weather like? It's cold, have a lot of air.
What's the bad point about Cameron? He has a terrible laugh.

Ana said...

Carolina is from Venezuela
She studing in the university in the North-East of England
Carolina and her boyfriend went to the cinema with a friend of Carolina, Emily, and the friend's boyfriend Carolina, Cameron. Emily is interested in Cameron. Emily doesn't like the laught of Cameron but finally, he get the number phone of Emily.
They are on the beach
The weather is cold, because the sea water is cold and run a lot of air.
Cameron has a strange laugh