Sunday, 15 April 2012

Your choice 2

This is Belén's choice. Are you a keen dancer? Then you'll enjoy it a lot. Come on everybody!


Rocio :) said...

I like this song because when I hear it I want to dance but it isn't the type of music that I want to hear it every day but I think it very appropriate for a party.

Ana said...

This song is not one of my favorite styles of music. I like pop and rock music, but this song is beautiful and with it you feel more active and you want dance a lot of time! This music is good for a party, it is really good! The truth is that I have started to dance!

Mª Jesús said...

I like dance. Well, I like it when I am in a party with my friends.
This song makes me happy and gives me energy, and when I listen to it I feel like dancing.
The letter of the song is easy to know in a couple of hours, it is so catchy. I like it so much.
I knew this song last summer when I was in a party with my friends.

I learned some new words.
*sunrise: salida del sol.
*whole: todo, totalidad.

belen rodriguez said...

Oh, I am somewhat amazed when I saw my song here!What joy!I like it so much,for me it's really special.
This song brings meaning to my life because of all the hardships I went through but I know I'm not alone.I have a lot of friends and the most important,my family.

My favourite part is:
'When hard time have found you and fears sorround you wrap my love around you,you never alone,'baby ill come back..

I hope you enjoy it!

Carmen Torres said...

I heard this song for the first time some summers ago, and it's been quite fun and pleasant to listen again to it after this long time.
It's a relly spine-chilling song, but its lyrics are really deep though. It's great to know that you'll never be alone because someone who loves you, and that you love, is going to be with you (almost) forever.
I really loved the sentence that says "you give me sunrise with your smile". I think that it's a really beautiful comparison, and it's true that some people are able to bring you happiness just with a simple "good morning" or a smile. They're necessary for the daily life in my opinion.

Antoñita said...

I like very much this song. It is a very good song for parties. And in my opinion the song has a beautifoul meaning. It is the first time that I hear this song. I like it very much. Thank you, Belen!

José Ramón said...

For me this song is quite good. I won't say "perfect" because it's not my cup of tea. Although it would be very nice for a party or something like this, the point I like the most about it is the fact that loneliness can be destroyed by other people if they just tell you "you'll never be alone". I hate being alone so this song is quite pleasant to me.

María Díaz said...

The first time I hear this song but I liked it because this song expresses that you're never alone, you'll never make you cry and you give me sunrise with your smile. I think that there are people who feel lonely. This song to me means that you can help people who feel alone.

josema said...

Wow! What a great song! Belén has made a very good choice, but I hadn't heard this song before. However it's so good.

I love dancing and this song is very appropriate for that. It makes you feel so well and it makes you want to dance and enjoy with its lyrics and rhythm. I think it's perfect for a party because sometimes, when you are not very fine on them, you could dance and forget all your problems. Listening to this song is very easy to cheer up by dancing.

Finally, the best part of its lyrics I think it's the sentence which gives it the title: "I'll never be alone"; it's a very beautiful message and it could help you see that you always have someone next to you, who loves you, even in the worst moments of your life.