Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Great Dictator

Have you ever heard about this film? What do you think it is about?
Watch the sequence and try to identify all the symbols representing the Nazism.
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Rocio :) said...

I have heard about this film in social lesson. I think it’s a representation of the things that Hitler wanted to do with the world, how he played with it and how the world was going to exploited in his face. I suppose that the symbols that representing the Nazism are: the eagle and the two crosses.

Ana said...

I haven't seen the movie but my sister Maria told me about it. The film talks about the Nazism and Hitler.

The symbols that represents the Nazism are the uniform wearing by Chaplin, the ball representing the world taken by Hitler, the mustache of Chaplin representing the moustache of Hitler, the picture representing on the wall of the room, the emblems on the neck on the uniform and finally, the ball exploited symbolizing the totality, the execessive control on it, by Hitler.

Maria Arregui said...

No I didn't watch this film, but on tuesday I watched some sequences of this film.
I think that this film it's about the second war( about Hitler).
I think that this films is good to me to learn the second war.

Raquel said...

I haven't heard about this film but it's very easy understand his mean.
By means of a metaphor, Hitler play with the globe as if he would be the king of the world. At the end ,the globe burst in front of he.
The symbols which represent the Nazism are; the eagle in the desk which represents the power,the swastika flag and the zani uniform.

Victoria García said...

I've watched "The Great Dictator" about three time. The first time it was really surprising because I was very young and I couldn't understand why this film was so wonderful (according to my father, who thinks it's one of the best in the cinema's history).

The last time I've watched it has been this course during my music lessons, because we were dealing with "Music and Cinema".

Of course, I suppose you know what it is about. It's very simple. The Nazism, between the end of WWI and the beginning of WWII.

It shows us, in a very funny way, something that is not very funny for, specially, Jewish people.

It was the repression the lived marked by the "Greatest Dictator" of the world history: Adolf Hitler.

In this sequence, one of the best and the most famous of this film, you can identify the two crosses that represents the famous Nazi symbol. Also you can see how Hitler plays with the world, in this case it's showed by a balloon.

There are other typical things from Nazism like the army uniform and, particularly, the Hitler's hairstyle.

Carmen Torres said...

I've heard about this film only once, and it wasn't long ago. I knew about it because some people from the 15M demonstration posted a piece of this film on Internet (the final speech), and I found it quite interesting.

I think this film is about the Nazism and the II World War because in this film you can see Hitler and he was responsible of those things.

The symbols of Nazism are the uniform that the men are wearing, the armbard of the man that is going out of the room in the first seconds, the simbols of the patches on Hitler's jacket, the big symbol on the wall representing the Nazis swastika and the sculture of an eagle on a cupboard (under the big symbol on the wall) that was one of the symbols of the Nazist Socialist Party.

José Ramón said...

I had watched this video during a history lesson, and I had already watched the whole film in Music lessons (as one of the first films with soundtrack). I think the symbols representing the nazism are the eagle, those in Hitler's (chaplin's) uniform the world as the target of Hitler's 3rd reich, the two crosses (which represent the nazi symbol) and finally the world exploding, that represent the true result of what Hitler tried to do with it.

José Ramón said...

This is Cristóbal's comment. His account is not working, that's why he's using mine.

We watched this video in Macarena's lesson. It's about the nazism and the way in which Hitler tried to take the power. I think its symbols are Hitler's clothes, the statue of the eagle (nazi power) and the two crosses. There is also a visual metaphor: Hitler's actions almost destroyed the world

Mª Jesús said...

I have never seen this film, but in History lessons we watched this part of the film. It's about Nazism and its leader Hitler. He was so powerful. He believed that he had the world in his hands but when he started believing on it too much the II World War started. The symbols that represent Nazism are the uniform that Hitler is wearing, the patches that are on it, Hitler's hairstyle and the big picture on the wall.

angel said...

I've seen this movie in social science. I think that Charles Chaplin did a good role in this movie as Hitler. In my opinion, when he's playing with the globe represents that he's (Hitler) playing with the world but when the globe breaks, it represents that he(Hitler) couldn't conquer the world.

angel said...

Manuel Moreno- I like very much this kind of films because it's about the II World War.
It critics the society of this period and in my opinion it's too funny this scene. I like very much when Hitler (Chaplin)goes down in the curtain. The scene represents Hitler playing with the world and when his dream disappears (the globe breaks).

josema said...

· Some days ago we were working with this part of the film, "The Great Dictator", in History lessons and, also, in Ethics class, we have watched the final part, "Hitler's Final Speech". However, I had already heard about it. My uncle recommended it to me and I looked for it on the Internet, but, really, I have never finish watching the whole film.

· Although I have only watched a small part of this film, I perfectly know what it is about. It's clear it is about the Nazism during the period of time between the two XX Century World Wars. In this film, the actors and the director wanted to make a criticize of Nazism and try to give their point of view about how could had been the World if Hitler hadn't succeeded in Europe. This message is shown in the film by means of a satirical plot, in which characters pretend to real people who took part at the Nazism Spread, but they are shown very different from how they were.

· Finally, the symbols of Nazism that appear in this piece of the film are:
- The Nazi Army Uniform, that which Hitler is wearing.
- The two crosses, which are representing the Nazi Swastika.
- The Eagle, which is one of the Nazi Socialist Party symbols.
- And Chaplin's portrayal of Hitler (his hairstyle, his moustache, ...), which gave distinction to the Nazism leader.

Well, I think that's all. After learning about the World Wars epoch, I have got a great interest about this film and I hope I can watch it whole, one of these days.