Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Singing while learning


josema said...

In my opinion singing songs is a great method of learning English or any language you want to learn. You can learn at the same time you're spending very good moments listening to your favourite songs or trying to know new ones which can be so good that you like them.

All music styles are good for you to learn.

All of the songs that we have posted in this wall are very good. You can find great messages in their lyrics, which are sometimes necessary for you to understand how our feelings work.

angel said...

I think that José Manuel has the reason because listening songs are more interesting that listening other things as (in my opinion).

Also you can use them (songs)to learn English, why? because you use your mind and your English knowledge that you have learn in these years in class. I think that the best way to learn English is when you listening to music.

In my opinion the best song that we've sang in class is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson beacuse it's a good song and it's from Pop's King.