Tuesday, 5 June 2012

If today was your last day

This is Jesús' suggestion. I like it very much because it is lively.

What does it mean to you?


Jesús Díaz López said...

This is one of my favourite songs, I love the meaning because I think that you have to live day by day and trying to be the most happy person in this world. When I listen to it I feel very well and makes me smile.

Carmen Torres said...

I think that this song makes you reflect a lot.
We are always complaining about how boring or stressful a day can be, but if we knew it was our last day, wouldn't we make it special? I think that this is the attitude we should have everyday in order to make this life more lively and full of good feelings, because each day you are alive is a present for yourself.
To live happily we just have to enjoy each moment with the most simple things it offer us, and to do what we really want to do making the others happy as we make ourselves happy too.

José Ramón said...

To me this song means the ability to live each day "as if it was the last one".. As it says, each day is a gift, I totally agree. This song has reminded me that everyone needs to be able to give their life the importance it has, to be conscient that we only have one life.

Mª Jesús said...

This is the first time I listen this song. It makes me think about the life, that I have to live the life all I can because the life is short and it is only one. If today was my last day I would make a very big party with all my friends, I would make a very big lunch with all my family, I would go to my favourite country, and of course I would enjoy the most.
The letter of the song is very nice and it tries to encourage you very much with the messages.

josema said...

I love this song very much. I heard it for the first time some months ago. A friend recommended me to listen to it because I wasn't spending a very good week, and she told me it could cheer me up and it would help me to forgive my problems.

Its message is so clear. This song wants us to know that we should live each moment like our last because we don't know when our last day will come. It says we should live the present and not think about how our future will be. It's stupid to think about those things that have not happened yet.

Each day is a present for us. Each moment is different, you will never live a moment equal to another one, it's always different. Therefore, if you don't live each second like if it was your last, you'll finally realize that you have miss out on a lot of good moments and feelings that maybe you'll never be able to revive.

Concluding, in my opinion, it's a great and beautiful message because it also says that we should live our life trying to make happy to other people, if we can do it. Happiness is not an individual feeling. If you want to be happy, it's necessary to make happy to the others; Happiness is a feeling that we must live with other people.
Never forget that "Love is the way to Happiness".